The Valerie Foundation

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The Valerie Foundation

The Valerie Foundation (TVF) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been set up by Lee and Andrew Pearse in honour of their mother and hope to help people who need it. TVF works closely with other organisations and is completely inspired from the two brothers intense front-line care for their mother who had the relatively rare, Fronto-temporal Dementia and committed themselves to over a decade of voluntary advocacy, campaigning and development of projects and continue to do so.

HCF Dementia Department

The Heeley City Farm Dementia Department was opened in October 2014 by Lee Pearse, who at the time he was the youth training manager, he is now, with the help of his younger brother, Andrew, now runs the Dementia Department. Located at the farm the department is quickly becoming a hub for people who need help when it comes looking after a loved one.

Heeley City Farm

Heeley City Farm is a friendly farm and environmental visitor centre in the heart of Sheffield, Heeley, South Yorkshire.