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The Valerie Foundation

The Valerie Foundation (TVF) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been set up by Lee and Andrew Pearse in honour of their mother and hope to help people who need it. TVF works closely with other organisations and is completely inspired from the two brothers intense front-line care for their mother who had the relatively rare, Frontotemporal Dementia and committed themselves to over a decade of voluntary advocacy, campaigning and development of projects and continue to do so.


The Valerie Foundation aims to have a number of outputs under different categories or themes that encourage partnership, collaboration, research with both artistic and environmental projects.

The Carers

The Communities: Working closely with education, training, advice and support for family carers, those with dementia and promoting new practice and approaches to moving forward with dementia. Advocay, conferences, presentations, panel discussions, screenings, media Advocacy, approaching government policy and addressing both local, regional, national and international dementia issues and debates. Working closely with all national leading bodies in the approach to dementia.


The Art

Artistic projects of varying and cross-platform collaborations working closely with neurology, science, arts and the public. To assist, promote, engage, support and encourage the coming together of communities in learning about dementia, Wellbeing and science while progressing our understanding of dementia. Documentary, visual works, drama, experimental sound and music, dance, theatre, voice, paint, sculpture, text based art, heritage, material art and the promotion of interpretation of all aspects of the dementia world.


The Research: The advocacy

A variety of positive events, collaborations, projects, working with Manchester Universities, Cambridge University colleges, Salford University, Bradford University, sheffield Universities, campaigning, charity events and a voice for both professional and family dementia carers.


The Wellbeing: The Environment

This theme focuses on the health, environment, food, green space, access to the outdoors and the continuation of those families in the dementia communities to maintain healthy living:

Projects may include: • Food growing in all care homes – raised beds, allotment spaces, cooking and gardening. • conservation and landscape projects within care homes – Access To All bespoke gardens informed from residents. • bird watching, floristry, indoor gardening, access to the peaks, farms • animal visits and therapy in homes • yoga, massage and holistic methods physical Wellbeing in homes and for families • rooftop gardens • indoor gardens and plants

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