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Some quotes about some of the projects that TVF and HCF have done together by people that came or engaged in the projects.


Quotes about The Valerie Foundation

Kathy Markwick - Community Development Officer: Home Instead Senior Care Sheffield

“I am the Community Development Officer for Home Instead Senior Care Sheffield.  We provide support to many people who have dementia and to their families and carers.  We also do Free Dementia Workshops and Free Dementia Friends' Sessions.  Lee Pearse, and his brother, Andrew, have provided invaluable support at the Workshops and the Dementia Friends' Sessions, by sharing their personal experiences and in-depth knowledge of the Fronto-Temporal Dementia (FTD) specifically. Lee and Andrew have given there lives and continue to do so in supporting others, making films, caring for there mother and father and openly share with anyone about the daily realities of FTD. Now, ex-carers they both continue more than ever to work with others. They are both hugely supportive of the work we do in the community.  We are all hugely grateful for their advice and support.”

Andy Wallace - Health & Wellbeing Programme Manager

"I know that Lee and his younger brother, Andrew, have constantly supported Val throughout this last 10 years. Lee has campaigned and supported theAlzheimer’s Society and has been awarded the Champion for Alzheimer’s Research by the society that I feel he strongly deserves. What I love about Lee, is his strength and tenacity, his love for his mother and his constant laughter (or the ability to make people laugh) throughout the time of caring for his Mum. He has raised money and awareness for this particularly rare form of dementia and he has also made several short documentary films highlighting the issues and the need for research. Lee has a fantastic ‘can do’ strength and personality, that absolutely blows me away, I sometimes don’t know how he copes, but that is testament to the man he is. Lee always makes time for people and looks for every possible opportunity to assess funding and opportunities to get the word out about FrontoTemporal Dementia"


Quotes about the FTD Carers Group

FTD Carers group member

“Thanks to Lee and Andrew being able to set this up we would all have no idea what to do with ourselves. It is just a shame sometimes that we need to reply on good people like Lee and Andrew to do this themselves as these services don’t exist anywhere else” 

FTD Carers group member

“Thank you for both your efforts in putting last night together, I will spread the word and can only hope others will benefit as we did. You fly the flag with drive and dignity.” 

FTD Carers group member

“As we are approaching what is nearly a year of attending the above support group you both developed I wanted to convey my thoughts. Your commitment and dedication continues to humble me and drives forward such deep emotions that affect all those who are living with the effects of FTD. The level of support that is offered from both yourselves and our fellow group members is incredibly valuable. As one commented last night how unbelievably fortunate we are for it to be held in Sheffield, without being selfish to those suffering in other parts of the country who I'm sure must feel isolated. Certainly Kate and I feel your indescribable loss and bereavement. I recognise how you both repeatedly go through the traumas of your Mums disease process for the benefits of supporting others and educating those who need to learn about the horrors that face those suffering with FTD and their loved ones. Well, really I struggle for the words, its tears that well up instead! I can only imagine the level of pride your parents will feel. Thank you is not enough for the past eleven months and certainly won't be for our time to come. You are true pillars of society and valued by so many." 


Comments about the 'All Our Brains' exhibitions

Audience feedback

"An interesting, challenging and brave exhibition that has managed to have an impact between hard hitting poetic honesty, interpretations of dementia through mixed art mediums and with a celebratory optimistic atmosphere. The relationship between sound art, moving image, brain sculpture, installation, photography, reminiscence, life stories, documentary and spoken word has been carefully managed to hold a balance between sadness, humour, frustration and dementia awareness. A powerful celebration that has been well researched and carefully curated that has opened up an academic space to the community, making it totally accessible" 

Carol Hunt, Sheffield Hallam University, Cantor Building Receptionist

“I have worked on Cantor helpdesk for about 6 years now and have seen many exhibitions and this is the first exhibit that has made people stop, look, photograph, talk about and comment to me about how wonderful it is. The cotton brain is a real show stopper especially”

Sheffield Hallam University staff member

"The exhibition is topical, interesting and engaging. I have been stopping to look everyday as I pass through the atrium."

Reception staff Sheffield Hallam University

“The amount of students that have stopped and taken photos is incredible”

Conversation with members of Sheffield Hallam University staff teams

“Just having this here makes me think of parents and a friends mother is really struggling with dementia. We have all been talking about dementia all week. It’s a very important exhibition, thanks for sharing it with us”

Film and Media Production Lecturer

“A very lovely exhibition, I found it very moving”

Chief Executive Heeley City Farm

“Interesting and challenging exhibition”

Staff from the Brothers Arms pub, Sheffield

“The Mechanics and The Weir films on the mezzanine made me frightened and calm at the same time. It made me jump like someone was behind me”

Sheffield Hallam University Lecturer

“It’s a dreadful disease and we still don’t seem to talk about it, but we need to”


“I saw the new Alzheimer’s Research advert this week called Santa Forgot and it was beautifully done. It got the point across and it was interesting that it was animation and embraced a young child as we need to remember it affects them as well”

Community member and craft artist

“This has made me want to make work. Will you consider me for the next exhibition if you do one”

Film Student

“How does anyone survive that journey of the timeline for you and your brother? I would like to talk to you and your brother about it sometime. I am worried about my brother”

Heeley City Farm staff member

“Our kids started talking about the pigeons after watching The Liberation film, it was amazing that the kids engaged as well”

Julie Blacker – Artist in the exhibition & Education Manager Heeley City Farm

“Thought provoking, challenging and an interesting mix of work from artists and people who have in some case never made art before. I attended the symposium in May and although we had been having conversations about interpretations of brains through drawing and sculpture, this motivated me to start my practice again. The journey has been very exciting and I now it has kick started me making again. I definitely know more about dementia now as well, which was a major part of the project”

Public member

“The Dementia Bookcase piece of work was something else. Although my sister-in-law had a horrendous journey with dementia and I have watched what it can do, I don’t anything about the training side of things. I had a chat with Lee and Andrew about the bookcase and then went home to learn more. I was really taken by the amount of details; effort and consideration went into this work. I wanted a whole day just with the bookcase. I can’t stop thinking about it and I think I will end up explaining to everyone in my family and people I see. Amazing and thought provoking, thanks Siana”

Artist from the exhibition

“I feel privileged to be part of this exhibition. To see my mum on the wall means so much. I come to look at her everyday before work”

Sheffield Hallam University Security guard

“Just knowing what parts of the brain do what is enough for me”

Sheffield Hallam University staff member

“I was a carer for people with dementia for years and it’s a difficult job. You only get noticed if the press has something bad to say. People in care homes need to be recognised, because it’s very difficult”

Public member

“The dementia bookcase is really lovely and it represents a journey of someone. I am a dementia friend and know about the analogy, but this beautiful time consuming piece brings it alive”

Catherine Arnold - Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

“There is some very moving poetry and the images of someone in decline are painful. The film of the people is lovely. It was quite emotionally hard to look around but very valuable to anyone.”

Lucy Ward - Café worker at Heeley City Farm

This exhibition was excellent. I didn’t know that much about dementia so after the exhibition I went home to research it. I looked at ARUK website after picking up a brochure and it was very interesting. I had no idea, but I feel I know more now. All the work was interesting and emotional, it made me think more about the reality of dementia for people, the whole family”

Gloria Ward - Finance & HR Manager at Heeley City Farm

“It’s amazing, some wonderful insights into how people see and think about dementia.” 

Sam Bennett - Finance, HR and Monitoring Officer

“This is extremely important for the university to recognise the need of such an exhibition and subject matter. It feels that this project gave permission for members of the Sheffield communities to become involved in ways they may never have been able to”

T. Steel - All Our Brains 3 visitor

'Thought provoking and moving. Thank you so much for the insight given by all who contributed. Excellent. Much gratitude'

Lou - All Our Brains 3 visitor

'Returned to the exhibition a week later. Wonderful sunshine day and the room is alive. Spent more time taking a look at the art. Love the 'tweet' bunting. Best wishes to all'

Katy - All Our Brains 3 visitor

'Thank you for the hard work you put into dementia awareness. Great exhibition.'

Milly - All Our Brains 3 visitor

'Really beautiful and helped me understand/learn more about people living with dementia and how it affects the people around them. Thank you'

Lenny - All Our Brains 3 visitor

'This exhibition really raises the awareness of dementia through Sheffield due to the amount of effort used to create it. Thank you!'

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