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Still Out and About

Engages people with dementia and family carers with the Peak District, historical and heritage sites, gardens, castles and galleries, using instant photography to capture experiences and lives through photo storyboard images, embracing life journeys through timelines, moments and memories through a co-produced programme of mini-day activity holidays that will offer an activity once people have arrived, rather than a standard day trip. The project aims to be a consistent journey that creates a basic portfolio of narrative back at the care home in between visits to keep the project alive. Developing and establishing positive relationships with a variety of environments that will aim to establish a continuation of the project and a dialogue between care homes, families and people with dementia. There are 6695 people with dementia in Sheffield alone.


What We Set Out To Do

We will deliver 20 sessions over 12 months that will aim to explore and enjoy a variety of experiences while incorporating creative outputs. Working with people with dementia, families and care homes this project will open up a strong relationship of activity support and bring opportunity. Outdoor and nature-based activities appeal to many people and will help those living with dementia both emotionally and physically. We wish and hope to achieve a project that demonstrates that such projects can happen before some resident’s symptoms worsen and aim to create a supportive network between carers and loved ones.

We have co-produced the idea with both people with dementia and family carers over an on-going process for 12 months. We have piloted visits to the Peak District, gardens and inner city farms, while engaging people in animal therapy from 10 care homes.

Voice is key: Planning together is key: Delivery together is key:


  • Discussions with care home managers.
  • Over 100 family carers.
  • 28 people from carer's group
  • 62 people from Sheltered Housing schemes.
  • 45 local older people
  • 25 people from a local day centre
  • GPs & Health workers



What We Achieved

Engaging with 13 care homes, 6 sheltered housing schemes, 3 community centres, 2 carer’s groups and individuals living at home, we have identified people with a high level of isolation and loneliness, also identifying people with severe brain injuries.

We have worked with 240+ people over the duration.

We have organised and facilitated a wide variety of trips, activities and creative outputs from Bakewell to Chatsworth, Museums to Art Galleries and Botanical gardens to Derwent Valley. They have been shaped through an on-going relationship with those individuals with different dementias at different stages; care home staff and/or support workers and family relatives. Every adventure has been different and demonstrated a positive impact on peoples’ physical movements, mood changes, language, behaviour and anxiety, bringing laughter, affection, focus and the relationships between relatives have brought people closer.

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