Dementia outputs:

  • Speaker on FTD (Learning To Change – an investigative and front-line insight into the world of FTD)
  • Farming Comes To You
  • FTD carers group at Heeley City Farm
  • Colab 2016 - Design Students from Sheffield Hallam University working with HCF to design to exhibit
  • All Our Brains. Part of the Catalyst Festival of Creativity with Sheffield Hallam University 2016

Consultancy Work

  • Thermo-imaging In Care Homes Research Project. Lee is currently a consultant for a Sheffield Hallam University research project looking into how people in care home environments are effect by the temperature in different ways to the person next to them and if the people are communicating what they actually feel, if the person can communicate at all
  • Dysphagia Research Project. Andrew is currently a consultant for NHS Sheffield Teaching Hospitals' research into Dysphagia (swallowing ability), talking about his first hand experience in watching someone with Dementia lose their swallowing abilities and how carers have to work with the person so they still get the food and drink that they need even without the ability to communicate

Film & Creative works:

  • My Name is Val (40) (Currently in Post-Production) A 40 minute experimental audio/visual documentary involving talking heads primarily focused on 2 brothers and their battles whilst caring for their mother suffering from Fronto-temporal dementia, this cut with shots/clips of their Mother, Val, and interviews with other carers, doctors, neurologists and people who are in the dementia world