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Farming Comes To You

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Farming Comes To You is a project set up by the Heeley City Farm dementia department and The Valerie Foundation were we take certain animals from the farm and take them into a care setting so the people with dementia and older people who would love to see and spend time with animals might not get the chance.

Our work has even been picked up on by the press and was shown in The Sheffield Star...

If you would like more information about Green Care Dementia and Farming Comes To You activities and events in your care settings and on the Heeley City Farm site contact Lee or Andrew on 0114 258 0482 alternatively email or

There has been many studies in to Animal Assisted Therapy and have proven to reduce agitation, anxiety and isolation within people with dementia.

"Animal assisted therapy (AAT) has a powerful calming and alerting effect on individuals that love animals... AAT has been introduced into long-term care and adult day care settings to reduce agitation, apathy, and problem behaviours with highly significant outcomes" - (Richeson, 2003 and Martindale, 2008)